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Come in, come in: open-stage for cinema and clowns, wizards and magic…The show must go on.

That’s coming it strong:

No boredom for anyone, kids rehearse plays and perform them. On Gina’s new theatre stage! Also Punch, as well as little play-back-artists and karaoke-talents are part of the scenery…Speaking of plays: before you can say Jack Robinson the stage is transformed into a cinema. Provided with panorama screen format, Dolby digital surround system and a starry sky we are screening the best kid’s movies and the latest movies for adults. What’s about the Oscar for the best duck? Anyway the magic word that guarantees a happy end is “Smileyplexx”.

Did we say magic word?

Well: who shows you to surprise what he has got up his sleeve and lets appear magical surprises out from his hat in order to make boredom disappear at a sudden? The wizard of the Hocus Pocus Wizard School! He teaches the children amazing tricks and guarantees parents magic hours. Speaking of theatre: while eating there is no show. We presume it’s not the magic salt, but child-appropriate menus, the regulars’ table for kids, the Lemonade Fountain and the Iceberg that let even poor eaters forget to refuse. Oh well, not talking big: as regards eating Gina has her bill ahead – which is sometimes quite big….

Ginas Baby & Kinderhotel
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