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We are glad to be able to offer you a lavish treatment range in
our massage room.

Your health will benefit from our range of treatments:

Therapeutic massages:

Special massage techniques applied to the various tissue layers of your body
stimulate both metabolism and circulation
to relieve aches and tension.

Manual lymphatic drainage:

This particularly soft and slow massage technique stimulates the lymphatic system. The tissue is freed of any congestion. The massage has a positive effect on the nervous system and the body liquid balance, it helps in the case of stressed skin (e.g. acne, lachrymal sacs etc.) and provides pleasant relaxation.


By treating the zones on the foot that are related to the respective organs in the entire body, harmonisation is achieved.

Migraine treatment:

Energy transferring massage treatment through which permanent headache often caused by stress can be reduced and eliminated through a well-aimed treatment of the lumbar region, shoulder, neck and facial zone.

Massage of the spinal column:

Helps in the case of chronic back and joint pain, often an
occupational hazard, through well-aimed manipulation, manual vibration and treatment of certain key zones.

Bio - energetic harmonisation:

According to the rules of the Chinese Yin and Yan concept
energy circulation in the body is balanced. Various methods, such as
Reiki, Polarity, bio-energetics and ear massage are applied.
Stress conditions and blocks can thus be loosened and rebalanced in body and soul so that self-healing forces start flowing once more.

Salt massage:

This massage method, effected with pure cold pressed olive oil and sea salt on the back, brings relaxation and well-being. This is a sensual experience
which you should try out.

Balsam - aromatherapy

This treatment method, which is new in our area, is based on the
effect of pure ethereal oils in combination with special massage techniques.
Totally relaxed you surrender to the massage. Balsam for body, mind and soul.
Deep relaxation flows through you, especially when you are very stressed.

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